A note from our Partner and CEO, Shirley Leigh Wood Oakes: 

We did years of research to create a mezcal that had all the beautiful characteristics of a traditional artisanal mezcal, but two things needed to be achieved; it had to be smooth, and it had to be easy to drink.

This summer has been an incredible one for Mezcal Campante and we want to take a moment to ensure we’ve properly thanked you for all your support. This recognition wouldn’t be possible without incredible partners (and future ones) like you!

Our vision for Mezcal Campante was to bring to market an exceptionally smooth, premium, artisanal mezcal that is easy to drink and perfect whether it be served straight up, on the rocks, or in a cocktail.

These awards prove we’ve done just that and we are grateful for the opportunity to bring such a unique mezcal to market. By uniting the traditions of México and mezcal-making with today’s culture, we have created a drink to celebrate all the small and major moments of life.

As we continue to look ahead at what’s next for Mezcal Campante, the answer is easy. We want to work with partners like you to bring Mezcal Campante to more people. We are not interested in a share of the market, we are interested in opening up the market. With the help of future partners like you, we see ourselves dominating the shelves of bars and stores similar to yours. If we haven’t yet had the chance to meet or work together, I would personally love to hear from you.

Join us as we raise a glass to celebrate the present and the future - embracing all that this life has to offer and closing 2022 on a strong note!