Mezcal Campante Scores Big with Chilled 100 Spirits Awards and the LA Spirits Awards

Mezcal Campante flexes its mezcal muscle and solidifies its place in the market with awards

[OAXACA, MEXICO, July 18, 2022] - Mezcal Campante, a small-batch, and Denomination of Origin Protected (“DOP”) mezcal solidified its place in the market by taking home the gold from the 2022 LA Spirits Awards and receiving 95 points from the 2022 Chilled 100 Spirits Awards. In a world where urgency and immediacy dominate, Mezcal Campante encourages consumers to be in the present moment and to love hard and sip slow™. The essence of the word “campante” is reflected in all aspects of the brand and business. Translated from Spanish to a concept rather than a single world, it speaks of a person who is calm, unaffected by the noise of the surrounding world, and focused on the now.

 “Our vision for Mezcal Campante was to bring to market a super smooth, easy-to-drink mezcal that is perfect whether it be on the rocks, straight up, or in a cocktail,” states Shirley Leigh-Wood Oakes, CEO, and Partner, Mezcal Campante. “These awards prove we’ve done just that and we are grateful for the opportunity to bring such a delicious mezcal to market. By uniting the traditions of México and mezcal-making with today’s culture, we have created a drink to celebrate all the small and major moments of life.”

Mezcal Campante came to life in 2019 after copious tastings, and much research, in Oaxaca, Mexico, between partners Shirley Leigh-Wood Oakes, Luca Longobardi, and José Luis Bustamante. “We wanted to find a mezcal that we could place in the center of the table with friends and know that everyone would enjoy it,” says Luca Longobardi, Partner, Mezcal Campante. “It’s the center of the table and brings everyone together. These incredible awards are only the beginning for Mezcal Campante and we can’t wait to show our fans what’s next.”

Mezcal Campante is made utilizing a tradition nearly as old as the country of México. Espadín, and semi-wild Barril, two of 14 varieties in the area, (both 100% Maguey agave) are harvested at peak perfection and the hearts, known as piñas, are placed together in an above-ground stone oven. This is then covered with Oaxaca’s fertile soil and the bagasse (dried fibrous pulp) from earlier batches and left to cook undisturbed for days until caramelization occurs and the sweet aroma and rich flavor signatures of Mezcal Campante infuse the liquid.

As his family has a long history with Mexico and the Oaxaca region, it’s important to partner José Luis Bustamante to honor and cherish the culture and tradition of producing mezcal. “The culture, tradition, and heritage of mezcal are honored as we refine the distillation process for creating Campante, a smooth mezcal perfect for sipping, savoring, or blending,” acknowledges Bustamante. “These two awards are a tribute to the beautiful process of creating the liquid and a testament to the brand itself. We believe that Mezcal Campante cannot be mass-produced because the magic is in every drop and every moment. If you skip steps or try to hurry the process you lose the magic.

”At its core, Mezcal Campante celebrates the companionable ease between people. It honors the sacred moments of sharing meals, drinks, friendship, and family so vital in the Mexican culture and so heralded today in the United States. The corporate structure embraces the spirit of Campante and is committed to a partnership founded on equality and friendship (and don’t forget the romance) in lieu of hierarchy.

Mezcal Campante prides itself on being a mezcal from Oaxaca, Mexico including the agave grown for the product, the liquid distilled, and the packaging process. Imported and distributed by MHW, Ltd, the bottle is available in 750ml with a suggested retail price of $64.99. Mezcal Campante can be found at a variety of restaurants, in-store at select retailers, and online. For additional information please visit Mezcal Campante at

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